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Balaton restaurants that remain open during winter 1/3/2018

From gastro-pubs and apartment restaurants to Baroque castles and more – here’s where to eat during wintertime Balaton-adventures.

Our most popular articles in 2017 1/3/2018

From stunning guesthouses to the best restaurants – these were our most popular articles in 2017.

10 unique beaches around Lake Balaton 1/2/2018

When we hear that "every beach is the same", we know that this is just not true. We rounded up ten beaches, each with their own personalities.

From gathering storms to brilliant violin makers – our favorite photos from 2017 12/29/2017

We had many adventures around Lake Balaton in 2017, and we captured them all – these were our best photographs in 2017.

What happens to an empty beach in winter? 12/19/2017

The beach can do better than just patiently wait for summer to arrive again. We checked out the new ice rink and saunas of Szigliget.

19 things to try at Lake Balaton in winter 12/19/2017

Put on some layers and get ready, because Balaton is alive and well all through the winter. Here’s our bucket-list for this season.

What happens at Lake Balaton from fall to spring? 12/7/2017

They love Balaton the way it is, but they have ideas for the future – we talked to three local figures who have been talking about a four-season Balaton for years.

15 things to try around Lake Balaton this time of the year 11/30/2017

Relaxing hikes, cozy rooms, and hidden gems – Balaton is alive and well even when it's freezing cold outside.

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