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15 wine terraces where the view is just a bonus 9/5/2017

We rounded up 15 outstanding wine terraces where the selection is even more amazing than the view.

50 restaurants not to miss at Lake Balaton 8/30/2017

It was a long process, but it’s finally here: these are the 50 best restaurants at Lake Balaton.

Start your day with a bountiful breakfast in Zánka 8/30/2017

A former musician opened a guesthouse in Zánka where the first meal of the day is abundant enough to make you want to skip lunch.

An easygoing eatery focused on fish at Siófok-Sóstó 8/16/2017

Fried hake might be the king of beach buffets, but there’s a place in Siófok with plenty of contenders.

More than just a palace – Top things to do in Keszthely 8/11/2017

Museums, great restaurants, and sizeable beaches – we rounded up all the places to visit in Keszthely and the area.

8 Balaton wines to try before summer is over 8/11/2017

With such high temperatures, it’s good to know the wines that will cool us down a little. Hello there rosés, sparkling wines, and whites!

A fulfilled Scandinavian dream in Balatonhenye 8/11/2017

Laura Takács dreamed about a holiday home in Balatonhenye. Years later, she dreamed A nyaraló for others, so that they have one, too.

Stylish rooms and lavish wines – 11 Balaton wineries with lodging 8/8/2017

These places have the best of both worlds: stylish rooms and great wines await at these 11 spots.

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