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The lookout tower that wasn’t there – tour in Koloska-völgy 3/21/2017

Follow the path of partisans in the forest of Füred – our alternative journey through Koloska-völgy.

Step inside the pages of a book – tours around Kis-Balaton 3/8/2017

Discovering Lake Balaton can be fun in all seasons, not just in summer. Kis-Balaton has marshes, birds, and a seemingly endless amount of greenery.

In search of outlaws and 500 years old incunabula – tour around Zirc and Bakonybél 2/21/2017

Here are two exciting Balaton Uplands tours that can be done even in one day if you feel up to it.

The stone organs of Szent György Hill are worth a tour 2/21/2017

We hiked along Szent György Hill to see a scary chapel, the amazing view, and the cave where Saint George himself defeated the dragon.

What to do around Lake Balaton in fall? 9/6/2016

We give you ten things to do around Lake Balaton once the noise of the beaches is replaced by tranquility - – with a capital T.

Soothing your soul at Balaton 8/11/2016

If you’re tired of festival crowds and long queues in front of the lángos stall, here are a handful of escape routes you can try.

100 places to visit at Lake Balaton in 2016 7/26/2016

We teamed up with MOL Nagyon Balaton again to put together a top 100 list of our favorite bars, restaurants, museums, and water sports clubs.

Fear and loathing amid the wire ropes – Zamárdi Adventure Park 6/23/2016

This is a place where you can ditch the kids for a while, and put yourself to the test on various obstacle courses. You'll probably end up on the mini railway though.

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