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Fighting the elements – group stand up paddleboarding 7/28/2017

We were curious what makes stand up paddling so popular so we decided to participate SUP Center’s Red Dragon team competition. Spoiler alert: we got wet.

Half-time in Balatonfüred – photo gallery 7/20/2017

We went to see what the fans do in Balatonfüred when they aren’t cheering on the bleachers.

This is how the World Aquatics Championships started in Balatonfüred – photo gallery 7/20/2017

Here’s how the first two days of the World Aquatics Championships in Balatonfüred looked like.

From hidden to elegant – beaches around Balatonfüred 7/17/2017

Whether you’re looking for a beach in Balatonfüred, or would like a more secluded spot, you’ll surely find one you’ll like among these.

Things to do during the FINA World Championships 7/14/2017

We collected the best events in the region during the 17th FINA World Championships, to make sure you have something exciting to do in every minute.

What to expect in Balatonfüred during the World Championships 7/14/2017

The first open water competition will be held in Balatonfüred this Saturday. We checked out all the changes visitors should expect in town during the World Championships.

Climb to the top of Balaton – The 10 tallest observation towers 7/11/2017

Although the clouds are still not close enough to touch, these lookout towers provide a bird’s eye view of Lake Balaton. These are the 10 tallest ones in the region.

Let’s climb and clamber – 15+1 great hiking trails at Lake Balaton 6/5/2017

We hiked a lot this fall and spring, and we definitely did not regret it. Here are sixteen must-have trails.

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