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Let’s climb and clamber – 15+1 great hiking trails at Lake Balaton 6/5/2017

We hiked a lot this fall and spring, and we definitely did not regret it. Here are sixteen must-have trails.

This panoramic view doesn’t need a lookout tower – tour on Tóti-hegy 5/17/2017

Tóti-hegy, our secret favorite, impresses not only with its special status (butte), but also with its surprising view.

Tour around Gulács to feel like an explorer from another century 5/17/2017

Gulács is an only 393 meters high hill, an almost perfect basalt cone. Climbing it seems impossible – but looks can be deceptive.

21 things to try in spring near Lake Balaton 4/24/2017

We recommend 21 activities outside the box that are perfect for some springtime fun from galactic adventures to screaming over the awakening nature from above.

Tour Tihany and its surroundings for natural wonders 4/24/2017

We went hiking in Tihany, and we soon realized that every stone is rather special here.

Tour to Csobánc for one of Balaton’s most magnificent views 4/24/2017

A short and steep trail leads to the top of Csobánc – a place one must see for there’s a magnificent view from up there.

The spas of Lake Balaton, Part II 3/28/2017

Although Lake Balaton might be too cold to splash in right now, there’s life beyond the freezing water.

The lookout tower that wasn’t there – tour in Koloska-völgy 3/21/2017

Follow the path of partisans in the forest of Füred – our alternative journey through Koloska-völgy.

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