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Sellő Campgrounds are located on the sandy peninsula directly next to the marina of Balatonboglár. The campgrounds’ own sandy beach and the playground are clear signs that families with small kids are the target audience here, but water sports lovers will find the beach quite suitable as well. With a capacity of around 50, the campgrounds are unique around Balaton mainly because of their park-like layout; the location also lends an exceptional charm to the venue, especially since you can pitch your tent right by the water if you so choose. Wi-Fi, one of today’s most essential features, is available, and since the owner of the campgrounds is one of Balaton’s biggest shipping companies, boating-related events and boat excursions are held regularly during the summer. The operators deserve props for striving to “minimize their ecological footprint”.


8630 Balatonboglár, Kikötő utca 3.
+36 20 501 4164 +36 85 550 367
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Closed between September 12 and April 28

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