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Szent György Hill Basalt Organs Study Trail

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The tour starts from the former strip pit in Raposka. The first information board shares the history of Szent-György hegy, and, following the stations discussing the hill's fauna and the ice cave, the trail passes the basalt organs to lead you up to the 414-metre-high peak. Another information board on the top helps you to identify the hills and valley of the unforgettable panorama from the Keszthelyi-hegység to the Somló-hegy. The 2-hour circular trail ends with an introduction of the protected wildlife of the region. The information signs are bilingual (HUN and GER).
Route: Mine pit in Raposka (yellow sign) – ice cave – key house (blue sign) – peak (blue triangle, red sign) – mine pit
Distance: 4 km
Difference in elevation: 200 m
Length: 2 hours


8300 Raposka, elágazótól balra
+36 87 555 260
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