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Be warned - seasonal opening. Before you would leave for the place, check the opening hours.
Founded in 1964, TVSK was launched with the aim of providing veteran professional sailors with a place to set sail whenever they feel like it, but the facility has expanded its initial goals since then. Apart from touring, the club is now involved in sailing competitions for large vessels, which means that they welcome not only senior sailors, but also active sportsmen, who store their boats at other marinas. TVSK is also responsible for organizing both the Pentecost and the Harvest Regattas, and plays a major role in youth training.
Being first based in Fonyód, the sports club later established a number of new branches in Ábrahámhegy, Alsóörs, Balatonfűzfő and Balatonalmádi. All the facilities are run by the club, which offers winter storage services as well. The tranquility of the surroundings and the wonderful view make this a great detour spot during a Balaton sailing excursion.


8640 Fonyód, Sás utca 13.
+36 70 411 6894
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