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Let’s climb and clamber – 15+1 great hiking trails at Lake Balaton 6/5/2017

We hiked a lot this fall and spring, and we definitely did not regret it. Here are sixteen must-have trails.

21 things to try in spring near Lake Balaton 4/24/2017

We recommend 21 activities outside the box that are perfect for some springtime fun from galactic adventures to screaming over the awakening nature from above.

The spas of Lake Balaton, Part II 3/28/2017

Although Lake Balaton might be too cold to splash in right now, there’s life beyond the freezing water.

100 places to visit at Lake Balaton in 2016 7/26/2016

We teamed up with MOL Nagyon Balaton again to put together a top 100 list of our favorite bars, restaurants, museums, and water sports clubs.

Balaton’s observation towers offer jaw-dropping vistas 5/20/2016

We checked out ten lookout spots to see if they're easy to access, and if the panorama at the top is worth the strenuous climb.

Veszprém in spring is something else! 5/5/2016

We’ve tested Veszprém from five different aspects. We’ve found a relic, a cleaning lady/tour guide, and a fantastic burger.

Fall’s here! But what is there to do around Balaton? 9/9/2015

Card and board games, or perhaps a Game of Thrones marathon? Forget it, we have better ideas.

The biggest marinas around Lake Balaton 8/25/2015

We picked seven criteria, and used them to compare the biggest Balaton marinas.

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