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Step into the set of Annie Hall – Manor House Inn, Csopak 5/12/2017

Staying at Manor House Inn feels like being in the family estate of an old noble family; they greet the new season with ambitious plans.

The most stunning guest houses around Balaton – Part III 4/24/2017

Accommodations around Lake Balaton have surpassed the sad state they were a long time ago, with neat guest houses taking over the market - including this dozen of them.

An old barn is transformed into a bohemian hostel - Kikötő opens in Mindszentkálla 7/21/2016

We found a hostel where the romance of the Káli Basin meets a funny collection of motorbike helmets.

A century-old villa turns into a hip boutique hotel - Villa Millennium 7/7/2016

An ancient villa in Balatonalmádi was completely revamped last year, and this is what it looks like today.

Orchidea Thai Massage Salon brings Thailand to Balaton 7/6/2016

We visited the only Thai massage salon on the north shore to see for ourselves how their treatments can chase away stress and relax the tensest muscles.

In Alsóbogát you can count on being treated like a modern-day count - VillaBogart 6/13/2016

Set amid an idyllic landscape deep in Somogy County, there’s a cozy country house-turned-villa with an undisturbed natural environment and cool Segway tours.

Mi a Kő adds comfy beds to its repertoire 5/30/2016

Serious things are happening in Köveskál: Mi a Kő now has a brand new guesthouse.

Páskom Cottage mixes luxury with countryside charm 5/19/2016

If peace and quiet are your thing, you’ll feel right at home at Páskom.

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