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Off the beaten track – 5 hidden spots in Balatonfüred 6/16/2017

We explored the less known side of Balatonfüred with the guidance of someone who knows all the unique assets of the Balaton Uplands.

"I wanted to leave the world behind. It didn’t really work out." 5/16/2017

Hand-built by János Csere, the enchanted realm of Bugaszeg is a truly unique place in Balaton.

The painting that was never really lost is found 2/23/2017

The painting of János Vaszary disappeared from Tihany and it was found there on the wall of the Limnological Institute. But the mystery of Balaton-arts is still not over.

The roads we travelled – the best panoramic routes of the Balaton region 2/21/2017

Gorgeous roads, vineyards, and all the shades of green – there’re plenty of places around Balaton that amazes those who are on the road.

What to do around Lake Balaton when it rains 10/10/2016

Although the beaches are empty when it rains, there are plenty of exciting things to do around Lake Balaton when the sun is behind the clouds, even during the off season.

The everyday life of a Roman aristocrat - Villa Romana Baláca 8/5/2016

We visited the site of one of the biggest villas of ancient Pannonia to learn about future developments, Roman cuisine, and the wealthy of the Roman Empire.

8 innovative museums at Lake Balaton 8/2/2016

Do memories of boring school trips come to mind when you think of museums at Balaton? It’s time to give exhibitions by the lake another chance.

Walking on Roman stones in Szentbékkálla - Pajta Museum 7/25/2016

We discovered Pajta Museum almost entirely by accident, and we heard stories about the Káli Basin that we could never have been told anywhere else.

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