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Ámos-hegy Recreational Forest Study Trail

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Towering at a height of 525 meters, Ámos-hegy and the adjacent recreational forest are both situated to the east of the village of Eplény. Beech trees, sycamores, and larches adorn the surrounding countryside, and songbirds provide the wonderful background music. Don’t be surprised if you bump into a friendly hedgehog or a swift European hare amid the lush vegetation, and if you’re patient and quiet enough you may even spot a graceful deer or a robust wild boar. If you direct your attention to the undergrowth, you can see such tiny creatures as snowdrops, hollowroot birthwort, and common lungwort.

The two separate study trails cover a distance of 3590 meters and 4180 meters respectively. The stops along the way provide information about the morphology, geology, and distinctive flora and fauna of the area, and also about the practices of local forestry, wildlife and water management. You can take a ride on the chairlift or hop on a bike to explore the wonderful landscape. If you climb all the way to the top of the lookout tower, you can see as far as Lake Balaton and the villages and hills of the Bakony region.


8413 Eplény, Ámos-hegy
+36 70 425 7674
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