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Balaton Uplands National Park

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Balaton Uplands National Park was created in 1997 by incorporating several, previously independently managed protected areas. Covering 57,019 hectares, the national park stretches from the basin of the Kis-Balaton through the Keszthely Hills and the South Bakony region all the way to the Tési Plateau. Heatquartered in Csopak, the team of experts employed by the national park has a task matching the grandiose size of the area, as they are responsible for organizing events and activities week after week for a little under 50,000 people (if you calculate based on the population density of Veszprém County), not to mention the high number of tourists visiting the region. By running Bakony-Balaton Geopark, the team also strives to draw attention to natural and cultural-historical values.

The national park is worth visiting for lots of reasons: the amazing hikes, the stunning views, the fun cave adventures, the friendly buffalos, the boat excursions, the exceptional star-gazing opportunities, the intriguing geological formations, and more.


Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park
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