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Kányavári Island Great Lookout

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The new, four-storey wodden lookout tower on Kányavári Island was handed over in 2014, offering a beautiful view of Lake Hídvégi. In the course of the project, the access road to Kis-Balaton was also restored, and a parking lot and a playground were built for the lookout, as well. The parking lot has reserved space for disabled drivers and families, and has covered bike storage. We can get to this secluded, cozy location on the Great Crested Grebe Study Trail starting from the rustic wooden bridge, with a nice, 1-1.5 hour long walk – and on the way, we can get to know the area’s flora and fauna. In addition to the Great Lookout, there’s a smaller one, too, which can even function as a tree house for the children.


8753 Balatonmagyaród, hrsz. 6831 (Kányavári-sziget)
+36 30 664 0404 +36 83 315 341
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