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Köcsi-tó is located in Káptalanfüred (a part of Balatonalmádi), up on the hill. This is the Mecca for local teenage boys looking for camping girls, since we've never seen so many children's summer camps in the same place. The lake is quite small, only a puddle about half of a football pitch, but that’s really not the point. Everything is given for the best BBQ plus picnic ever: it has an open ground surrounded by a forest and campsites, and a shabby, but romantic open-air cinema. Those looking for the red sandstone should follow the Köcsi-tó tanösvény (Köcsi-tó Study Trail). You can take photos of the red stone that stand in the place of the seashore of the ancient times, back when there were no schoolgirls, nor Lake Balaton here, but palm trees and pretty dumb dinosaurs--the informative signs suggest.


8220 Balatonalmádi, Köcsi-tó
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