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Ranolder Cross

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The iconic monument of the hilltop with its amazing view has been sitting on the southwestern side of Badacsony since 1857: since Bishop János Ranolder called the region “the most beautiful land of the world” and built a cross above his villa that’s just a ruin today. They say that the larger pieces were pulled up to the hill by 40 buffaloes. The builders of the cross created a point on the hill that’s easy to identify even at night.
There’s a legend regarding the cliff below the stone cross: if this piece of rock that stretches out is hit with a hammer or another stone, it makes a noise similar to the sound of a bell, and it can be heard miles away. We can reach the basalt-built bastion-like Egry József Lookout by following the blue trail from the cross.


8261 Badacsonytomaj, Rodostói út
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