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The remaining walls of the 13th century Árpád era Rezi Castle are towering on one of the protruding vertices of the Keszthely Hills. Since they were erected eight centuries ago, the walls have seen many adventures, wars and conflicts, despite the small castle never having strategic importance. Nevertheless, even the Habsburgs conquered it, only to lose it to the famous Black Army of Matthias Corvinus, led by Pál Kinizsi. The Turks set fire to the castle and contemporary documents only make mention of ruins from the 1500s on. Archaeological excavations below the crumbling walls have only started recently. The only remaining parts of the castle are the eastern half of the residential tower, and the eastern and western walls of the castle (this video about the reconstructions shows what it looked like in the past).  

Tip: The Rezi Castle Study Trail starts from the Szőlőhegy end of the village and leads to the castle ruins that stand on the steep northern side of Meleg Hill. You can learn a lot about the local nature and history during the 6.5 kilometers long round trip. On a clear day you can even see Sümeg Castle.


8373 Rezi, Meleg-hegy
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