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Morzsa Bistro blends a classic style with Scandinavian design 3/21/2017

Morzsa Bistro’s journey started out from a food truck; now it brings the fried-noodle fever to Balatonfüred from a tiny open kitchen.

32 Balaton restaurants that stay open during the freezing winter 1/3/2017

We found over 30 remarkable restaurant that are undisturbed by the cold and freezing weather. Here they are.

37 remarkable restaurants at Lake Balaton that stay open in the fall season 10/10/2016

More and more eateries decide to keep their doors open even during the colder months; here are nearly 40 restaurants at Lake Balaton that are open in the autumn.

11 places to get the best burgers available around Lake Balaton 10/6/2016

You can get burgers almost anywhere around Lake Balaton, but some stand out far beyond the rest – read on to discover our favorite meaty hand-held feasts.

Visit Mexico by Lake Balaton at Átjáró Grill in Ábrahámhegy 8/31/2016

The most laid-back locale of Lake Balaton's North Shore is now open at Ábrahámhegy, where visitors can devour Mexican dishes with ice-cold beer.

7 splendid spots for lángos fried-dough treats at Lake Balaton 8/23/2016

Hungary’s favored form of street food is a staple by the shores of Lake Balaton, but not all lángos is created equal. Here are seven masters of doughy delight.

Dinner deep in the forest of Siófok? - Egy Csipet Nádas 8/9/2016

There’s no need to fight your way through the reeds for a good meal. If you're a peace-loving gourmet, all you have to do is visit the tranquil scene of Siófok-Töreki.

Füred has a new major gastro attraction - Nem Kacsa is open 8/1/2016

The team of Sparhelt has teleported its ideas, ingredients, and attitude toward high-quality cuisine to a pleasant spot near the marina of Balatonfüred.

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