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This is something new - Fricska 6/21/2017

A few weeks ago Fricska opened its gates again after a long break. We went to see the restaurant in Veszprém and tried the new-old menu.

Meet Somló's world-class masters of champagne 6/8/2017

The head winemaker of Kreinbacher guided us through hidden cellars leading us to the conclusion that the Somló wine region is rather exceptional.

Szélcsend hits the sweet spot quietly 6/6/2017

Balatonföldvár’s café is one of the tiniest ones around Balaton; here we can buy ceramics made by the owner – and delicious cakes, too.

They jumped into it, and it worked out – Zelna Wine Terrace and Vinoteca 6/5/2017

We tasted wine with the young owners of the young winery and talked about the new Zelna Wine Terrace and Vinoteca.

This is almost Naples – Apáti Restaurant and Café 6/5/2017

The food of Naples and the wines of Balaton for a fair price – we tried the famous pizza of Sajkod.

You've got to leave the ordinary routes for the best pizza in Siófok 6/5/2017

It was hard to find it, but we walked into the kitchen of an imaginary Italian grandmother in Balatonszéplak-alsó.

Mooring without touching water – Alsóörs Marina 5/17/2017

Alsóörs Marina and Fenyves Yacht Club Hotel were launched at the same time last summer – we visited the former.

These Balaton restaurants welcome spring with open doors 4/24/2017

We rounded up more than fifty restaurants that you can already visit for a hearty lunch or for a glass of wine in the evening.

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