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These Welschrieslings taste just like spring 4/24/2017

We tasted the best Welschrieslings of Lake Balaton, and our wine expert choose the eight best of them.

11 places to get the best burgers available around Lake Balaton 10/6/2016

You can get burgers almost anywhere around Lake Balaton, but some stand out far beyond the rest – read on to discover our favorite meaty hand-held feasts.

7 splendid spots for lángos fried-dough treats at Lake Balaton 8/23/2016

Hungary’s favored form of street food is a staple by the shores of Lake Balaton, but not all lángos is created equal. Here are seven masters of doughy delight.

Chili-flavored pumpkin seed cream with zucchini-goat’s cheese rye bread - market test 7/20/2016

A Sunday without the Tóti market is like a goat farm without delectable goat’s cheese. We sampled all kinds of unique treats, and we even found smoked quail's eggs.

There’s life beyond the roast platters – 30 unique eateries around Balaton 7/12/2016

We imagined what it would be like to eat at a different restaurant every day for a month.

Eating our way through Keszthely from the cellar to the beach food joint – weekend gastro tip 7/1/2016

We have the hottest gastro tips for those staying in or around Keszthely from the most revolutionary beach food to dinner in the cellar of Festetics Palace.

10 wine terraces with eye-catching views on the north shore 6/28/2016

After last year’s finds, we put together a new top 10 roundup of wine terraces offering sweeping vistas over scenic parts of the Balaton region.

Six eateries brought to shore by the new wave - north shore restaurant test 6/23/2016

We toured the legendary main road 71 from Keszthely to Akarattya to see whether catering establishments along the north shore were still riding the new wave.

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