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A strong addition to the Füred-Csopak Wine Region, the winery of Szabolcs Homola has been producing wine on the Paloznak hillside since the first harvest of 2009. The cellar hit the 40,000-bottle mark in 2013, which is thanks mainly to chief winemaker Attila Homonna from Tokaj, who makes the journey between Paloznak and Tokaj every couple of days to oversee the harvest, the de-stemming or the bottling process. He employs a low-trained production method borrowed from Italy and France. The main characteristics of the wines are influenced by his artisan philosophy, his cooperation with the owner and the soil structure of the vineyard.

The Homola Winery represents two distinct directions: the 100% wines are light, young and reductive, while the Homola items convey an artisan, terroir-conscious attitude toward winemaking.


8229 Paloznak, Vincellér utca 0534. hrsz.
+36 20 449 9365 +36 20 940 2872
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