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Ride to Udvari! - Velocipéd Guesthouse, Balatonudvari 9/10/2014

We spent a night at the Velocipéd Guesthouse, which might easily grow to be local centre for cyclists next year.

Sun King and Moon Queen at Kultkikötő 9/8/2014

Darkness falls over the realm of the Sun King and the Moon Queen. The curse can only be broken if the royal couple sets out and drinks from the water of life...

Where the Loudest Noise is Bird Twitter - Skrabski Apartments and Winery 8/14/2014

The picturesque road from Balatonudvardi to the Skrabski Winery takes you to complete relaxation.

Take a dip in Siófok this weekend! 7/17/2014

On Saturday Siófok will host a free all-day festival for the whole family, with quality entertainment, concerts as well as family, sports and children’s programmes.

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