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The most stunning guest houses around Balaton – Part III 4/24/2017

Accommodations around Lake Balaton have surpassed the sad state they were a long time ago, with neat guest houses taking over the market - including this dozen of them.

The roads we travelled – the best panoramic routes of the Balaton region 2/21/2017

Gorgeous roads, vineyards, and all the shades of green – there’re plenty of places around Balaton that amazes those who are on the road.

11 places to get the best burgers available around Lake Balaton 10/6/2016

You can get burgers almost anywhere around Lake Balaton, but some stand out far beyond the rest – read on to discover our favorite meaty hand-held feasts.

Visit Mexico by Lake Balaton at Átjáró Grill in Ábrahámhegy 8/31/2016

The most laid-back locale of Lake Balaton's North Shore is now open at Ábrahámhegy, where visitors can devour Mexican dishes with ice-cold beer.

"Progress is not cramming as many buildings as possible onto the beach” - Lovas Kikötő opens 8/8/2016

The new café/bar of Lovas is an ideal destination for horse riders, and the once dilapidated pub is now a stylish spot spiced up with sewing machine tables and the like.

8 innovative museums at Lake Balaton 8/2/2016

Do memories of boring school trips come to mind when you think of museums at Balaton? It’s time to give exhibitions by the lake another chance.

Chili-flavored pumpkin seed cream with zucchini-goat’s cheese rye bread - market test 7/20/2016

A Sunday without the Tóti market is like a goat farm without delectable goat’s cheese. We sampled all kinds of unique treats, and we even found smoked quail's eggs.

Kalóz Beach Bistro’s sensational sous-vide cuisine is a new take on beach gastronomy 7/19/2016

After producing Balaton’s best beach food last year, Kalóz opened its new beach buffet in Badacsonytomaj. We tested the selection, and we even shed a few tears.

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