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19 ways to explore Lake Balaton this autumn 9/13/2019

The end of summer doesn’t mean life stops at Lake Balaton – in fact, the fun is just about to start.

Discover Balatonfüred through archive photographs 9/9/2019

See how Balatonfüred changed during the 20th century thanks to these archive photographs.

7 great lakes near Balaton 9/4/2019

Lake Balaton has plenty of company in all shapes and sizes and they are all perfect destinations for a day trip.

Balaton’s iconic Gömbkilátó is ready to party 9/3/2019

The grass around Balatonboglár’s iconic Gömbkilátó is staging the Balaton Piknik festival for the second year running.

The history of Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle in pictures 9/2/2019

Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle are like twin towns, and their symbiosis has a long history – here it is in pictures.

Rare archive photos reveal the hidden history of Keszthely 8/27/2019

Known for its grand palace, Keszthely has a patchwork history now revealed with these rare archive photos.

Balaton from above: Csönge-hegy in Salföld 8/14/2019

Lake Balaton from above is always uplifting – as we we have been discovering as we tour the lookout towers of Balaton in an ongoing series. Next: Csönge-hegy in Salföld.

Balaton Beach Food of the Year 2019 8/13/2019

The results are in – these are the winners of this year’s Balaton Beach Food of the Year awards.

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