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A hill of legends, wines, and beaches – Top things to do in Badacsony 9/27/2017

The tallest of the monadnocks, its grapes are precious, and, although it has been popular for a long time, it can still show some new colors – this is Badacsony.

More than just a palace – Top things to do in Keszthely 8/11/2017

Museums, great restaurants, and sizeable beaches – we rounded up all the places to visit in Keszthely and the area.

It’s about more than just the view – Top things to do in Csopak and Paloznak 8/2/2017

We toured the slopes of Csopak and Paloznak to round up the things no one should miss in the area.

What to expect in Balatonfüred during the World Championships 7/14/2017

The first open water competition will be held in Balatonfüred this Saturday. We checked out all the changes visitors should expect in town during the World Championships.

Tour Tihany and its surroundings for natural wonders 4/24/2017

We went hiking in Tihany, and we soon realized that every stone is rather special here.

Tour to Csobánc for one of Balaton’s most magnificent views 4/24/2017

A short and steep trail leads to the top of Csobánc – a place one must see for there’s a magnificent view from up there.

Step inside the pages of a book – tours around Kis-Balaton 3/8/2017

Discovering Lake Balaton can be fun in all seasons, not just in summer. Kis-Balaton has marshes, birds, and a seemingly endless amount of greenery.

In search of outlaws and 500 years old incunabula – tour around Zirc and Bakonybél 2/21/2017

Here are two exciting Balaton Uplands tours that can be done even in one day if you feel up to it.

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