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Five hidden villages on Balaton’s north shore 4/16/2018

You don’t have to go off the map to experience the idyll of rural life: just make sure to stop if you travel through these villages.

Alternative wellness at Lake Balaton – 10 relaxing spots far from pools 1/30/2018

These spots and programs around Lake Balaton are cheaper than a wellness hotel but will recharge your body and soul just the same.

What happens to an empty beach in winter? 12/19/2017

The beach can do better than just patiently wait for summer to arrive again. We checked out the new ice rink and saunas of Szigliget.

What happens at Lake Balaton from fall to spring? 12/7/2017

They love Balaton the way it is, but they have ideas for the future – we talked to three local figures who have been talking about a four-season Balaton for years.

"This is pura vida" – Tagyon Estate 10/17/2017

There was a time when Mercedes sport cars were racing on the roads next to Tagyon Estate. Now the vineyards are surrounded by peace and tranquility.

The English countryside moved to Zalaszántó with a tearoom 10/12/2017

Instead of Miss Marple, Neil and Ken are the ones who serve Earl Grey and tea cakes in Zalaszántó’s very own tearoom.

Here's an amazing artisan bakery hidden on the south shore – Rácz Bakery 10/2/2017

This family business takes quality really seriously; that's why they never use any additives at Rácz Bakery, a real artisan place in Balatonkeresztúr.

Balatonfüred's first artisan bakery has amazing breads and a great backstory 9/28/2017

We visited Balatonfüred’s very first artisan bakery before its opening to chat with the baker, Orsi Zeliska.

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