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Balaton from above: Őrtorony Lookout Tower in Tihany 10/16/2018

Lake Balaton from above is always uplifting – we discover the lookout towers of Balaton in an ongoing series. Next: Őrtorony in Tihany.

Balaton from above: Kossuth Lookout Tower at the top of Halom-hegy on the north shore 10/16/2018

Climb 399-metre-high Halom-hegy for a great view of South Bakony and Lake Balaton.

Balaton from above: Kopasz-hegy in Mindszentkálla 10/2/2018

One of Káli Basin’s most beautiful views is from Kopasz-hegy, even if there’s no lookout tower to climb.

Top Hungarian photographer captures chic knitwear backdropped by Lake Balaton 9/25/2018

Zsófia Pályi’s latest project is still a secret but she has shared a little sneak peek.

Balaton from above: Csobánc 9/17/2018

Paraglider paradise Csobánc also offers beautiful views for hikers.

Balaton from above: Szigliget Castle 9/7/2018

Remodelled in 2013, Szigliget Castle used to be an important fortification – now it offers gorgeous views.

Balaton from above: Gáspár Noszlopy Lookout Tower 9/4/2018

The repurposed lookout tower on Lake Balaton’s north shore provides a great view of almost the entire eastern basin.

How to beat the heat at Balaton 8/8/2018

Here are some tips on how to survive the summer heat at Lake Balaton.

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