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10 woodland walks around Lake Balaton 9/16/2019

If you want escape the crowds, these Balaton woods and hiking trails are the perfect option.

Pinyó – from tired tavern to Balaton discovery of the year 9/10/2019

Keszthely eatery Pinyó started out slowly but ended up being a major discovery. This is its story.

9 Balaton wine bars with lively events this autumn 9/6/2019

These Balaton wine spots offer quality drinks with entertaining events on the side.

10 best Balaton spots for a lazy breakfast 8/27/2019

These ten Balaton spots are perfect for a slow breakfast or brunch.

6 staircases to climb for great views of Lake Balaton 8/26/2019

Panoramic views await those who scale these six staircases around Lake Balaton.

Taste heavenly croissants at G&D Artisanal Confectionery and Bakery in Balatonkenese 8/16/2019

Visit G&D Artisanal Confectionery and Bakery in Balatonkenese for delicious pastries and desserts.

5 new Balaton restaurants to try this summer 8/8/2019

These five new Balaton restaurants are all worth a visit.

The Samsara Festival goes zero waste for 2019 8/6/2019

The selection of activities at the tranquil Samsara Festival remains wide, while waste and food prices of meals are reduced.

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