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10 north shore wine terraces where you can soak up the sunshine 5/24/2019

Here are ten wine terraces when you can enjoy the sunshine over a glass or two.

5 Balaton exhibitions to see this month 5/13/2019

From analogue cameras to the American Indians of Bakony, here are five exciting exhibitions to visit this May.

See what's happening at Örvényeshegy Piknik, Balaton’s cosiest garden party 4/23/2019

Örvényeshegy Piknik in Zalacsány is a cosy festival of exciting music shows and cultural events taking place from May 24 to 26,

Legendary Balaton sailboat now restored after 75 years 2/22/2019

A 75-year-old sailboat, Trinidad, was rebuilt by the shipbuilding Bruckner family in Balatonarács.

12 restaurants to visit after a winter Balaton excursion 1/11/2019

Here’s a selection of 12 excursions spots and 12 nearby restaurants that are perfect destinations for a winter weekend.

Balaton gifts to put under the Christmas tree 12/20/2018

From wines to experiences, here’s a Balaton-themed gift guide for 2018.

What to do at Lake Balaton when it's raining 12/1/2018

Here’s a selection of activities to enjoy around Lake Balaton when the weather turns rough.

Burial site found in the ruins of Almádi Monastery 11/26/2018

Urban legends and mysteries surround the ruins

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