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Planes at the bottom of Lake Balaton 2/27/2015

Here's why they're down there, plus where you should and shouldn't look for them.

Santa Claus walks on water - Weekly Programme Guide (6 Dec -7 Dec) 12/4/2014

Lake Balaton awaits Santa Claus with a tour, a family concert, a huge feast and Latin melodies.

The Top Balaton Spots This Winter 11/7/2014

Here are the best Balaton wineries, restaurants and hotels open this winter, as voted by welovebalaton.hu readers.

The Top 10 Balaton Wines of 2014 10/31/2014

The Hungarian daily, Népszabadság recently revealed its top 100 Hungarian wines of 2014. Here are the 10 best Balaton wines from the list.

The Knight Has Risen And Reconquers Paloznak - Guden Birtok 10/15/2014

There are wines prepared on only 1 acre that defeat even Jásdi's Riesling.

9 Balaton Wineries Open All Year Round 10/13/2014

Several Balaton wineries offer you wine tasting adventures all year round: many of them also participate in the autumn sequel of the Nyitott Balaton event series. Here...

9 Balaton Hotels Open All Year Round 10/6/2014

Similarly to restaurants, not all Balaton hotels close as soon as the first autumn chill arrives. You can find hotels everywhere around the Lake, where the jacuzzi...

9 Balaton restaurants open all year round 9/29/2014

It’s a fact that possibilities in all regards become fewer at Lake Balaton in autumn and winter. That is why a great place that is open all year is a special gem. We...

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