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Regions that in time could rival the diversity of the Káli Basin 10/12/2015

We love the Káli Basin, but we know that there is life outside this charming corner of the world. We take a closer look at three up-and-coming regions on the north shore.

Driving a boat without a license on Balaton may soon become a reality 10/9/2015

If these lovely boat designs are executed, we will be able to commute between the north and the south shore in rentable, electric boats inspired by the BUBI system.

The most stunning guesthouses around Balaton – Part II 10/1/2015

Back in June, we rounded up ten stylish guesthouses in the Balaton area, and now we’re here with some more that await guests in the fall and wintertime.

10 Balaton restaurants to retreat to in chillier fall weather 9/18/2015

Fall is upon us, which thankfully doesn’t mean that all good Balaton eateries are closing for winter. These ten venues are not to miss for great grub in the cold months.

Fall’s here! But what is there to do around Balaton? 9/9/2015

Card and board games, or perhaps a Game of Thrones marathon? Forget it, we have better ideas.

This is how we saw the summer of 2015 at Balaton 9/4/2015

A Ferris wheel, experimenting beach food stands, festivals in Zamárdi, lots of sun and ice cream. It’s time to round up the best moments of the summer.

Flying knives and crocs with sharp teeth – life in a Balaton circus 8/31/2015

We popped down to Gyenesdiás to talk to the team of Richter Circus about life as an acrobat, and the reason why this summer has been particularly awful.

“There’s no time to think in an emergency” 8/13/2015

Sometimes they treat insect bites, other times they perform CPR. We talked to the president and a couple of members of the Hungarian Water Rescue Services.

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