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5+1 best SUP routes around Lake Balaton 7/26/2019

These SUP routes around Lake Balaton will help you take stand-up paddleboarding to the next level.

Fighting the elements – group stand up paddleboarding 7/28/2017

We were curious what makes stand up paddling so popular so we decided to participate SUP Center’s Red Dragon team competition. Spoiler alert: we got wet.

Let’s climb and clamber – 15+1 great hiking trails at Lake Balaton 6/5/2017

We hiked a lot this fall and spring, and we definitely did not regret it. Here are sixteen must-have trails.

21 things to try in spring near Lake Balaton 4/24/2017

We recommend 21 activities outside the box that are perfect for some springtime fun from galactic adventures to screaming over the awakening nature from above.

Soothing your soul at Balaton 8/11/2016

If you’re tired of festival crowds and long queues in front of the lángos stall, here are a handful of escape routes you can try.

Where baking bread and singing go hand in hand 7/27/2016

We caught up with the owner of Búzalelke Bakery by Kisapáti’s Szent György Hill about her philosophy, history, and future plans.

The biggest marinas around Lake Balaton - Part II 6/29/2016

We take a look at all the most important marinas that did not make the cut last time, comparing rental fees, capacities, on-site catering establishments, and more.

An extraordinary girl from Lake Balaton 5/13/2016

Mári Érdi is 18 years old, she competes in the Laser Radial boat class, and she’s going to participate in the Rio Olympics. We followed her around for a whole day.

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