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Here’s where to stay in Siófok – Aranypart Camping 4/24/2018

At Siófok’s Aranypart Camping, the season starts on April 27 – here’s why you should pay a visit even in spring.

5+1 things to do at Lake Balaton in winter 2/8/2018

The Hungarian Tourism Agency offers five (plus one) tips for winter activities around Lake Balaton.

Dinner deep in the forest of Siófok? - Egy Csipet Nádas 8/9/2016

There’s no need to fight your way through the reeds for a good meal. If you're a peace-loving gourmet, all you have to do is visit the tranquil scene of Siófok-Töreki.

Fűszerkert astonishes with a pretty view and a chef who learned the tricks of the trade in Bolzano 7/14/2016

Fűszerkert in Tihany has been completely reinvented: the panorama might be the same, but the new menu features dishes that are even more memorable than before.

Orchidea Thai Massage Salon brings Thailand to Balaton 7/6/2016

We visited the only Thai massage salon on the north shore to see for ourselves how their treatments can chase away stress and relax the tensest muscles.

Where coziness is not merely about checked tablecloths – Borbarátok 6/20/2016

We visited Borbarátok Restaurant, found out how it’s connected to Fata Cellar, and checked out the revamped guesthouse belonging to the same brand.

Balaton’s biggest sandy beach is back - PLÁZS Siófok 6/16/2016

Siófok’s former Beach Club is back with a new name. Here’s what you can expect after the Saturday opening of PLÁZS.

Masterful burgers, savory steaks - Mester Restaurant 6/15/2016

If you can imagine enjoying good food and tasty ice cream without dipping your toes in the lake, and you don’t mind taking a short car ride, Marcali is the place for you.

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