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10 unique church ruins from the Árpád era 11/28/2015

Let us show you 10 veteran churches from the Balaton area that have withstood adversities like the Dark Ages, the Turkish invasion, the Reform era and the two world wars.

Beautiful Balaton churches from the Árpád era 10/21/2015

Fall means hiking. Here are some great destinations with histories spanning multiple centuries.

More than fancy rain shelters - autumn museum round-up 9/3/2015

“There’s life after summer!” – say museums all around Balaton. Here are a few reasons why you should believe them.

9 Balaton destinations to transport you back in time 7/13/2015

Famous people did famous things by Lake Balaton, and they all needed a local base to be able to create and relax in peace - here are some of the most imporant ones.

Three forgotten Balaton legends 6/9/2015

Did you know that there is an ice cave near Lake Balaton?

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