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How do we decide what to feature on our website?

We Love Balaton is proud of its local patriotism, independence and credibility. We believe that we can only preserve these values by applying the below principles:

We try to accept all invitations, but we can’t promise to automatically feature every spot we visit.

The articles we publish reflect our subjective editorial opinion of a venue or service. Once an article is finished, owners and service providers are not allowed to request modifications, other than the correction of factual errors, or influence our journalists in any way.

Paid content (including PR articles, prioritised venue and event pages) is always published with a red “sponsored” tag, separately from other editorial content.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, our journalists don’t operate incognito, and reveal their identity during their visits. After all, We Love Balaton is a review website – we’re no authority and we’re not the Michelin Guide either.

If, for some reason, we find that a venue isn’t suitable to be featured on our website, we refrain from devoting a separate article to it.

We hereby inform you that our Terms of Service have been renewed from May 25 2018, which outline the points of the treatment of data processing related to GDPR regulation. Accept