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Life doesn’t stop at Lake Balaton just because the sun isn’t kissing the skins of sunbathers golden anymore. There’s more to this region than its buzzing beaches and this is something that we can’t repeat enough. From soothing spa-sessions to discovering dormant volcanoes, here are some great things to do at Balaton during winter.

Lake Balaton gets to show a different side of the region during winter – the crowds slowly disappear and their place is taken by endless silence and tranquility. However, this shouldn’t fool anyone, as the region is still very alive during the colder months.

This is the perfect time to dive into the hot waters of Hévíz Lake Spa – or to warm up in the sauna of Szigliget, right at the shore of Lake Balaton, where we can immediately cool down after a session. If we insist on aquatic fun, Zalakaros and its adventure section is just the place for that, especially if we have children.

Meanwhile, those who like to be out in the open air but would rather have the option of warming up with a hot drink whenever they like (and not get lost in the woods) can wander around the historic streets of Veszprém. Although braving the cold might not seem so inviting, the natural wonders of the region will make sure that a winter hike compensates the tired adventurer with a breathtaking view – or we can reward ourselves with a meal at one of Balaton’s many exquisite restaurants that stay open even in winter.

The video is part of the "5 Winter Activities" campaign by the Hungarian Tourism Agency

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