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8 great rest stops on the Balaton Bike Ring

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 — Zoltán Molnár

Photo: Heim Alexandra - We Love Balaton

Cycling in the heat isn’t easy and sometimes you need to rest: here are four spots on the north and four on the south shore where you can stop off and enjoy the view – and maybe a spritzer or an ice cream.

The Balaton Bike Ring is essential to the lake's tourist facilities and now it’s finally getting refurbished. Whether you tackle the small ring (which head towards Tihany at Balatonfüred, then, following a ferry ride, goes from Szántód around the eastern basin) or do the entire ring, one thing is for sure – you’ll need to stop and rest along the way. Here are eight perfect spots to do so:

Pazar Coffee Company – Balatonfüred

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Pazar Coffee

8230 Balatonfüred, Aranyhíd sétány 6.
Pazar Coffee on facebook Pazar Coffee on facebook

The most special specialty coffee spot on the north shore, where you can munch on a cake by Sütis Móni, grab a sandwich or baguette, and re-energise with specialty coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. Pazar also has a great location: it’s in the modern centre of Balatonfüred, on Aranyhíd Promenade, right next to the Bike Ring.

Balaton Bár – Örvényes

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

Balaton Bár is on the edge of the small village known for its mill. It’s a bike rest stop and refreshment spot with local wines, homemade cordials and pogácsa scones from Dörgicse. There’s also a gallery, an outdoor cinema, a concert venue and soon a charity shop will open, too, so there’s plenty to do and see here while you catch your breath.

Bringakali Bicycle Rest Stop and Service Station – Balatonakali

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton


8243 Balatonakali, Vasút sor 2.
Bringakali on facebook

Here you can purchase all the things you might need for a cycle tour. You can repair your bike between snacking on pork-rind spread sandwiches, while the cycle shop has various accessories and you can also rent one out.

Bringatanya Ice Cream Parlour – Gyenesdiás

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton


8315 Gyenesdiás, Madách utca 45.
Bringatanya on facebook

It’s a simple place, with two main features: the most important tools cyclists might need – and homemade ice cream. If you get a flat tyre here, you’ll be lucky: you can have a scoop of delicious ice cream while changing it.

Tekergő Bicycle Rest Station – Balatonberény

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Tekergő Bike Rest Station

8649 Balatonberény, Rózsa utca 1.

Reminding you of an old deli, this building is right next to the bike lane that leads through Balatonberény. This is a cyclists paradise, with an abundance of goods: you can repair your bike, eat and drink, camp down or rent a kayak. As a bonus, they also have a great selection of sports and energy drinks.

Fenyves Yacht Club and Marina – Balatonfenyves

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Fenyves Yacht Club and Port

8646 Balatonfenyves, Mária utca 1.
Fenyves Yacht Club and Port on facebook

This complex at the Balatonfenyves marina represents modern-day professionalism. The marina is open for sailors and cyclists alike. Although their restaurant has a design award under its belt, they are always happy to see cyclists, too, at the Bike Balatonfenyves Bringaközpont centre, where you can find a service station, restrooms and a resting area.

Pavilon – Balatonboglár

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Balaton


8630 Balatonboglár, Kodály Zoltán utca 45-49.
Pavilon on facebook

With all its colourful chairs, Pavilon looks rather inviting, and has an outstanding kitchen, too. A couple from Balatonlelle brought their experience home from South Tyrol, serving Italian-style pizzas and pastas within a retro interior.

Bor és Bringa – Balatonföldvár

Photo: Alexandra Heim - We Love Balaton

Bor és Bringa

8623 Balatonföldvár, Nyugati Strand
Bor és Bringa on facebook

One of the best known winemakers of Kötcse, László Gutman came up with the concept of wine-loving cyclists: here you can sip refreshing spritzers (in moderation, of course), or you can join an organised bike tour. Smaller repairs can also be carried out here.

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