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See Lake Balaton from the air 8/5/2019

This is what Lake Balaton looks like from the basket of a hot air balloon flying more than a kilometre above the ground.

10+1 free things to do at Balaton 8/1/2019

From scenic hikes to great concerts, here are some activities at Lake Balaton that you can enjoy for free.

What’s happening around Lake Balaton in August 2019 7/29/2019

See what Lake Balaton has in store for the month of August 2019.

5+1 best SUP routes around Lake Balaton 7/26/2019

These SUP routes around Lake Balaton will help you take stand-up paddleboarding to the next level.

Tour the forgotten hill of Haláp 7/24/2019

The forgotten hill of Haláp recently became more tourist-friendly with a study trail – now you can get a closer view of this deserted beauty.

See the Kékszalag Balaton sailing race in action 7/22/2019

See brilliant images from Lake Balaton’s major sailing race, Kékszalag 2019.

See the Red Bull Air Race at Lake Balaton 7/12/2019

The Red Bull Air Race will be staged at Zamárdi this year – here’s what to expect.

Tihany beach reopens with a launch party and food trucks 7/5/2019

The beach at Tihany jetty has recently been refurbished and now features food trucks, reusable cups and more.

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