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Thanks to a recent makeover, Siófok’s former Beach Club is making a fresh start with a huge sun deck, a big pool, a beach library, a Street Workout station, and new eateries, to name but a few improvements. There’s more: free weekend yoga sessions at the beach, SUP, football matches on a big projector screen, and cool gigs played by the hottest nationally acclaimed acts. Covering an area of 2,000 square meters, PLÁZS will open on June 18 with popular Hungarian band WellHello taking the stage to get the party started.

We have good news: Siófok is finally ready to celebrate the arrival of summer for real. If you can’t wait to witness the transformation of the town’s main beach, we recommend you time your visit for this coming Saturday. Formerly known as Beach Club, the sizable sandy beach is now called PLÁZS, but that’s far from being the only thing that’s changed.

Photo: Plázs Siófok Official

The most important features are the same: the sandy plage hasn’t shrunk, it still covers 2,000 square meters, so this is still “Hungary’s biggest sandy beach”, and the awesome view is still there as well. There are plenty of cool spots to choose from for a bit of lakeside lounging: you can relax in the comfy sun loungers set up on the sand, under the neat beach umbrellas, or settle down on the gigantic, 400-square meter sun deck with a mug of pleasantly inebriating craft beer in hand. Go for the pool for the ultimate refreshing experience, or the 500-square meter terrace around the pool if you’re an avid sunbather.

Photo: Plázs Siófok Official

The terrace is also the perfect place for testing the tasty treats of the new catering establishments. The main aim is to provide a healthy, but entirely Balaton-appropriate alternative to traditional beach foods like greasy lángos. Whether you like to do sports or only watch them, PLÁZS has got you covered: there’s a 200-square meter Street Workout station, and a huge projector screen that’s only a tenth of its size of the street gym, but still more than ideal for some chilled-out sports game watching. Sporty beachgoers will be spoilt for choice: the wide array of energizing activities available includes SUP, yoga, kangoo, water aerobics, TRX, streetball, futnet, volleyball, and even Zumba.

Photo: Plázs Siófok Official

When you’ve had your fill of daytime thrills like beachgoing, sunbathing, and eating, you can move on to nighttime pleasures, such as wine, music, and dancing. The star-studded musical lineup will definitely make you feel like you’re at a minifestival: WellHello will take the stage on opening night, and the fans of Halott Pénz and Brains will have reason to check out the revamped beach venue, too. If you’re not into festival music, you should come anyway because performers like Kozmix, Magdi Rúzsa, and Hooligans will also pay a visit to Siófok. To find out more about concert dates, visit the Facebook page of PLÁZS.

Photo: Plázs Siófok Official

We’re pretty sure that 3 Petőfi Promenade will become a center of summertime fun in no time. What we’ve seen so far looks mighty promising; testing begins on June 18.

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