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Somosi Public Beach in Tihany

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You can find Somosi Beach near Tihany Abbey, in the direction of the port of Tihany.

Since it’s a public beach, there’s no entrance fee here. You can easily reach this narrow concrete slab from the village – there’s a building in which visitors can change, plus there’s also a shower and a toilet. However, parking isn’t free; visitors can choose to pay an hourly or a daily fee.

There’s also a buffet on the beach where you can taste classic Balaton beach food.

Tip: Located next to the port, just after the entrance of Tihany Peninsula, Gödrösi Public Beach is also one that’s free to visit, and there’s also an adventure park nearby.


8237 Tihany, Somosi-öböl mellett
+36 87 538 030
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