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Boroszlán Study Trail – Bakony

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The eight information boards of Boroszlán Study Trail give a glimpse into the natural values of Magas-Bakony. You will find stairs leading up steeper ascents to ensure your safety. The more adventurous hiker can not only go into Odvaskői-barlang (Odvaskői Cave), but also climb up the rocks above the cave for a beautiful view.

Those who don’t want to deal with the 300 meters of elevation gain can follow a shorter, two kilometers long alternative route (blaze Ω) that leads back from the cave to the starting point. Visitors can ask for a tour guide at the Balaton Uplands National Park.

Route: Odvaskői car rest stop – Gerence-patak – Odvaskői-barlang – Kőris-hegy – Öreg-Szarvas-árok
Distance: 7 km



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