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Csiga-túra Study Trail is located west of the city center and southeast of Zalamerenye, in the territory of the Zalakaros Park Forest. One of its starting points is at the lookout tower of Zalakaros while the other is at the parking lot at the foot of the hill.

During the walk, we can learn about the forest’s economic and protective role, as well as the surrounding area’s mushrooms and wild animals. Moreover, you can even listen to the chirping of local bird species with the soundboards. Don’t forget to try the relaxation benches and the interactive benches with rotating cubes.

Tip: Although the signs point in the direction of the lookout tower, going in the opposite direction is recommended as that way you won’t have to climb on the way back. You can also park your car near the lookout tower.

Route: Lookout tower – Záportározó – Odútér – Szánkópálya – Esőbeálló – Madártető – Park Street Distance: 1.2 km
Duration: about an hour



8749 Zalakaros, Zalakarosi Parkerdő
+36 30 474 2130 +36 93 500 200
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