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Hegyesd Castle Hill Study Trail

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The village of Hegyesd is approximately 10 kilometres away from Tapolca, and is named after the nearby cone-shaped hill, similarly to the castle, from which only ruins remain. 

As part of the study trail, 9 stations lead the way to the mountaintop, and you can get acquainted with the area’s flora and fauna, as well as the history of the castle ruins along the trail.

Tip: A free brochure of the study trail is available at the Local Government of Hegyesd (Zrínyi utca 1) and at the Forestry of Monostorapáti (Monostorapáti, Petőfi utca 34).

Route: Hámoros-domb – Forest rest stop – Hegyesd Castle Ruins
Distance: 1.5 km



8296 Hegyesd, Zrínyi utca 1.
+36 20 338 2251
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