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Road of the Golden Man Study Trail

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Leading to the Jókai Lookout Tower, the Road of the Golden Man Study Trail in Balatonfüred is part of the National Blue Trail. The six rest stops of the short trail not only provide an unforgettable view of Lake Balaton, but you can also learn more about the local geology, flora and fauna at these spots. Despite being short, the trail has a 100 metres of difference in elevation, most of it is during the first part – but don’t let this scare you away, because the view is beautiful all along the trail.

Route: Tamási Áron utca – Kilátó utca – Tamás-hegy – Jókai Lookout Tower   
Distance: 600 metres



8230 Balatonfüred, Tamási Áron utca - Kilátó utca
+36 87 367 876
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