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Töreki Lakes Study Trail

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Törek Lakes Study Trail lies in a 300-acre nature reserve next to the artificial ponds fed by the Cinege Stream. To get there, exit main road 7 between Siófok and Balatonszéplak towards Siófok-Töreki (milestone 116), and you'll find the first stop of the trail right behind the petrol station. You can spot birds like western marsh harriers, sand martins and European bee-eaters, but in migration season you might catch sight of other species as well that are not nesting in Hungary. The bird-watching tower is there to aid us in this. You’ll also find a playground, an open-air fire pit, and two rest stops along the trail.

Stops: Cinege rest stop - Cinege-forrás - the 250-year-old pine - Fecskepart - Tóközi rest stop
Distance: 9 kilometers
Duration: 3 hours

Important sights:


8600 Siófok, Töreki utca
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