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Vulkán Study Trail at Halom-hegy

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Vulkán Study Trail starts from the parking lot at the feet of Halom-hegy (Halom Hill) in Mencshely and ends at 399 meters above sea level. The final destination can either be Kossuth Lookout Tower or the former crater; whichever you choose, you can learn more about the volcanic activities that took place many millions of years ago, and also about the geological eras - all of this made easier by the help of a volcano model showing the process of eruption, Lake Balaton made from rocks, and 16 information-rich boards.

The trip can be done relatively quickly and easily, so it’s one we can bravely conquer with children. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the top in a pleasant pace, where there’s nothing else to do but to enjoy the view.

Distance: approximately 2 kilometres
Time: about 40 minutes if you stop at the signs and at the crater, otherwise it takes 20 minutes.
Difficulty: very easy


8271 Mencshely, Halom-hegy
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