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Lake Balaton under ice – photo gallery

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Friday, January 6, 2017 — We Love Balaton

However, ice skating should be avoided because the ice is dangerous. But let’s take a look on the nice side of this ice cold weather.

Lake Balaton was covered with a 6-8 centimeters thick layer of ice yesterday morning according to met.hu, and the ferry is no longer operating due to the shifting ice – said MTI, the Hungarian news agency. Many already braved the ice, even though police.hu informed the public that the ice layer has to be at least 12 centimeters thick for it to be safe. This number, however, isn’t too far-fetched as it could be -13 Celsius degrees this weekend.

Still, we will have to wait with this, as our photographer recently reported from the Keszthely-shore that the wind broke the ice at multiple spots, so skating wouldn’t be an option even if the ice was thick enough. Not to mention that the wind makes the current temperature feel like it’s only -10 degrees. (UPDATE: the recently posted police video also shows that the wind broke the ice.)

The sight of these ice sheets proves the power of nature, and they inspired many people, so we rounded up a few photographs and videos showcasing the rule of ice over Lake Balaton.

People ice skating at Balatonboglár at the beginning of the week

The ice at Balatonlelle

Examining the movements of ice

The ice can support a fox

Snowstorm over ice

And now the photographs

Photo: Ákos Vörös - Redphoto
Photo: Hornyak Photo
Photo: Ákos Vörös - Redphoto
Photo: Steve Balogh
Photo: Péter Schidru
Photo: Péter Orbán
Photo: Norbert Varga
Photo: Péter Schidru
Photo: Ákos Vörös
Photo: Ádám Ceglédi
Photo: Norbert Varga

Translated by Emma Póli

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