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Kenese Marina-Port

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Kenese Marina-Port would only be an exceptionally well-equipped port if it wasn’t for such a big name as Farkas Litkey's: the twelve-time Kékszalag winner, Olympic and world champion not only sails here, but his sailing school, Litkey Sailing is also located here. On top of this, the facilities of the port are also worth mentioning, as it belongs to the leading Balaton ports with its wind-proof piers, its sail-sewing workshop, its laundry room, its drink bar, and many other facilities. The club also plans for the future and has camps for children, and trainings for adults as well.

The bad news for those who long to be here is that all these facilities are only available for club members; however, anyone can stay at the port’s four-star hotel – and maybe they can even take a quick trip to the otherwise private port and clubhouse; guests can also try the traditional meals of Nádas Grill restaurant.


8174 Balatonkenese, Kikötő utca 2.
+36 88 481 453
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