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Vonyarcvashegy Water Ski and Wakeboard Course

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One of the three cable courses around Lake Balaton, this one is located at the Lidó Beach in Vonyarcvashegy. You can tear the water on both waterskis and wakeboards. The 830-meter course has a number of bends and various obstacles for jumps and stunts. Between two rounds, you can lounge on the 200-square meter sunbathing terrace, but your less adeventurous friends tagging along can also hang out there. All equipment is supplied at the Vonyarcvashegy Water Ski and Wakeboard Course, and wearing a life vest is obligatory. If you bring along your own gear or come with a group of more than 10, you’ll get a discount.

Here's a top tip: The morning is the best time of day for newbies to arrive, as the cable course is not too busy and it operates at only 25-30km/h. In the afternoon the speed of the course is increased to 30-35km/h, more suitable for pros. Still, it is worth staying to have a look around and cheer as spectacular jumps are performed. A bonus: you can enjoy the last rays of the sun on the pier far enough from the bustle of the beach.

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8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Fürdő utca 1.
+36 70 318 3481
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Closed between September 15 and June 1

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