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10 woodland walks around Lake Balaton 9/16/2019

If you want escape the crowds, these Balaton woods and hiking trails are the perfect option.

19 ways to explore Lake Balaton this autumn 9/13/2019

The end of summer doesn’t mean life stops at Lake Balaton – in fact, the fun is just about to start.

6 staircases to climb for great views of Lake Balaton 8/26/2019

Panoramic views await those who scale these six staircases around Lake Balaton.

10+1 free things to do at Balaton 8/1/2019

From scenic hikes to great concerts, here are some activities at Lake Balaton that you can enjoy for free.

8 great rest stops on the Balaton Bike Ring 6/26/2019

From north to south, here’s where to stop along the Balaton Bike Ring.

The 7 best Balaton spas 4/8/2019

Lake Balaton’s spas are a great choice if you wish to relax and heal in warm thermal waters – here are the best.

20 things to do around Lake Balaton this winter 1/28/2019

Here's what to do around Lake Balaton during the coldest time of the year.

10 great Balaton wines for Christmas 12/14/2018

These Balaton wines not only make great gifts, but can also be the perfect addition to your Christmas feast.

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