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More headliners named for the STRAND Festival

The final line-up of this year’s STRAND Festival is taking shape with more top acts just announced.

"Progress is not cramming as many buildings as possible onto the beach” - Lovas Kikötő opens

The new café/bar of Lovas is an ideal destination for horse riders, and the once dilapidated pub is now a stylish spot spiced up with sewing machine tables and the like.

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Non-stop party at Lake Balaton - Summer festival round-up

The summer festival season has started! Once again, we won't be bored: we bring it up with concerts, than bring it down with the chill Everness. July means an abundance...

Do The Strand - 10 gigs to warm you up for Strand Festival

We borrowed the title from a song by the legendary veteran band Roxy Music, and while they aren’t going to play the biggest Hungarian end-of-summer music festival, have...

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Balaton by night

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frissTerasz Price category €€€€€

Badges Wine terrace, Winebar, Bar, North shore, New place, Worth the price, Child-friendly

In addition to the wine terrace on their estate, the Laposa family has opened a new spot on Római Road where patrons can sample the best wines produced in the region at...

8261 Badacsonytomaj, Római út 179.

Alsóörs Pub Cinema Price category €€€€€

Badges Pub, North shore, Dog-friendly, Trending

It might not look like it from the outside, but this is the cult place of the area. It’s a niche offline meeting-spot, which became an unavoidable destination due to its...

8226 Alsóörs, Endrődi Sándor utca 1.

Átjáró Grill-Taco Bar Price category €€€€€

Badges Streetfood, Pub, North shore, Worth the price, Dog-friendly, Trending

The most bohemian place of Ábrahámhegy is definitely Átjáró Grill; not only because they have their own “stadium”, or because the owner is a really cool skater guy, or...

8256 Ábrahámhegy, Badacsonyi utca 21

Bakter Bistro Price category €€€€€

Badges Pub, North shore

Bakter Bistro in Alsóörs is a classic railway station pub called “resti” in Hungarian. The slightly dilapidated building by the tracks may not be enticing at first, but...

8226 Alsóörs, Füredi utca 38-42.

BÁRmikor Price category €€€€€

Badges Bar, Child-friendly, North shore, Waterfront

After a recent revamp, the old terrace of Wesselényi Beach is now a surprisingly cool and hip venue: BÁRmikor is a spacious, semi-outdoor terrace overlooking the beach...

8220 Balatonalmádi, Szent István sétány 4-6.

Beer Balaton Price category €€€€€

Badges Delicatessen, Pub, North shore, New place, Open all year

Beer Balaton is the newest addition to Balatonfüred’s Blaha Lujza Street; they started loud in 2017 with 80 Belgian and 20 Hungarian specialty craft beers. The owner...

8230 Balatonfüred, Blaha Lujza utca 9.

Beli Price category €€€€€

Badges Pub, North shore

Either we are jumping around the cool places of Balaton, or we are sitting in the office, trying to type down our thoughts. Don't worry, we'll get here soon as well! Have...

8427 Bakonybél, Fő utca 4.

BRKLYN Malackrumpli Price category €€€€

Badges Streetfood, Party, Bar, North shore, New place

A new music bar was born in Balatonfüred when BRKLYN and Malackrumpli of Tihany joined forces: it’s BRKLYN Malackrumpli. We can sip on cocktails and drink fröccs while...

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy utca 4.
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