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14 summer festivals not to miss around Lake Balaton 6/24/2018

Here are the most awaited festivals of the summer.

More headliners named for the STRAND Festival 5/8/2018

The final line-up of this year’s STRAND Festival is taking shape with more top acts just announced.

Non-stop party at Lake Balaton - Summer festival round-up 7/11/2017

Jazz up on the hills, alternative music down in the valley, electro in the middle of Lake Balaton – here’s where to dance all through the summer nights.

"Progress is not cramming as many buildings as possible onto the beach” - Lovas Kikötő opens 8/8/2016

The new café/bar of Lovas is an ideal destination for horse riders, and the once dilapidated pub is now a stylish spot spiced up with sewing machine tables and the like.

Hello Tourist! How about a glass of fröccs on a surfboard? 6/16/2016

If you wait for a big enough wave, it will take you all the way to Füred’s Blaha Lujza Street; that’s where you’ll find Hello Tourist, the first surf pub of the town.

Four months full of fun – MOL Nagyon Balaton begins 5/24/2016

The longest festival series of the summer will showcase the best side of Lake Balaton with yoga, theater shows, concerts on a ferry, and more.

Can’t sleep? Start a band 8/23/2015

One of today’s most promising British bands took the stage at Zamárdi, and it was all very low-key.

Do The Strand - 10 gigs to warm you up for Strand Festival 8/18/2015

Afrobeat vibes, pastelly chanson and melodic pop-punk. All this in Zamárdi from Wednesday to Saturday.

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