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Black Swan brings cool cocktails to Balatonfüred

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 — Krisztina Chilembu

Photo: Hölvényi Kristóf - We Love Balaton

Echoing the shining Art Deco design of its counterpart in Budapest, the Black Swan now has a summer outlet in Balatonfüred. Bartenders create seasonal mixes with great skill and variety – you can find almost 50 types gin & tonic.

Black Swan Balatonfüred

8230 Balatonfüred, Zákonyi Ferenc utca 1. (a Terasz Étterem mögött)

Budapest-based Black Swan has moved from Klauzál utca to Balatonfüred for the summer, bringing with it high-quality bar culture. The Balaton outlet is located at the corner of Zákonyi Ferenc utca and Jókai Mór utca, next to an ice cream parlour. On warm summer nights, the terrace fills with holidaymakers, many familiar with the place in Budapest.

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

Summer pop-up

Black Swan Balatonfüred is a pop-up outlet only open in season. According to the mastermind behind it, András Ódor, they decided to put the speakeasy urban vibe on hold for the summer, the resort spot exuding a classic Balaton atmosphere while still being a little hidden away.

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

A wide selection

The drinks selection is almost the same as at the Budapest bar and the service delivers the same high quality. Some of the staff have also moved to Balatonfüred, with new faces behind the bar as well.

On offer are almost 70 types of gin, an abundance of vodkas and whiskeys, various tequilas and mescals, not to mention all the craft beer, prosecco, champagne and white wine you can think of. There are only five red wine items on the menu but those who like a full-bodied red on a hot summer night will be catered for.

Besides classic and iconic drinks, they also have cocktail specialities that usually aren’t included in the regular selection, such as the seven available types of gin & tonic. However, if you want to make a night of it, they can actually mix more than 40 versions.

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

Speciality cocktails

Passion Margarita is a real summery cocktail (2,190 HUF) with a tequila-Cointreau base spiced up with vanilla and a whole passion fruit. They also have a cocktail with elderberry liqueur (Breakfast Margarita, 2,190 HUF), while the Pineapple Plan (2,990 HUF) is one of Black Swan’s signature drinks with rum, pineapple, macadam syrup and citrus tonic. 

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

There’s an entire page of Negroni cocktails on the menu. The bartender recommends the Donna Negroni (2,190 HUF) as a must-try: it has raspberry and black pepper in it. The Truffle Negroni (2,490 HUF) is made with truffles and honey, while the house Energie Daiquiri (2,990 HUF) is something everyone should have at least once this summer, made with reduced Red Bull, lime and rum and its caffeine content is pretty strong. Those who can’t decide on what to drink should entrust themselves to the bartenders.

Photo: Kristóf Hölvényi - We Love Balaton

Black Swan is open to everyone regardless of status or suitable attire – according to Ódor, the bar welcomes anyone with a love of gastronomy and cocktails, the only requirement.

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