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Top lists (Balaton by night)

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10 live acts to look out for at Lake Balaton this summer 7/3/2019

These are the main acts who will take the stage around Lake Balaton this summer.

10 places for a night out on the north shore 8/16/2018

Here are ten unique pubs, bars, hostels, community gardens and clubs for a night out on Balaton’s north shore.

Watch the World Cup at top spots around Balaton 6/26/2018

There are plenty of places around Lake Balaton where you can share in the World Cup excitement with hundreds of other football fans.

14 summer festivals not to miss around Lake Balaton 6/24/2018

Here are the most awaited festivals of the summer.

Non-stop party at Lake Balaton - Summer festival round-up 7/11/2017

Jazz up on the hills, alternative music down in the valley, electro in the middle of Lake Balaton – here’s where to dance all through the summer nights.

Do The Strand - 10 gigs to warm you up for Strand Festival 8/18/2015

Afrobeat vibes, pastelly chanson and melodic pop-punk. All this in Zamárdi from Wednesday to Saturday.

Let’s hear the drum and the bass – 10 tracks to warm you up for B my Lake 8/14/2015

Zamárdi will soon turn into a festival capital again, so we thought it was time to warm up. First: electronic music.

10 gigs you'll regret missing at the Valley of Arts 7/22/2015

The valley opens on Friday; here are some gigs to keep an ear out for.

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