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10 reasons to love Balaton

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 — We Love Balaton

Everyone has a story to tell about Lake Balaton, a snapshot burned into the mind, a flavour, a smell, a mood. We can fall in love with its faults as well; we laugh with it, not at it; and we all fancy something else in it. We collected 10 reasons to love Balaton. Read them and head out to the beach!

1. Balaton shows a different face in every season,

Photo: We Love Balaton

and all of them are exciting. In winter it is a crust of ice ploughed by ice boats; it is mulled wine in your gloved hand. In spring it is calm, relaxed, cozy, inviting. In summer it is to the rim with swarming bazaars, wine shows, fireworks, sail boats and sparkling rosé wines. In fall diligence, harvest sweet must and rainbow-coloured leaves come to its forefront.

2. Balaton brings the seaside closer

Photo: Krisztina Bordács - We Love Balaton

BL Yachtclub & Apartments

8638 Balatonlelle, Köztársaság utca 36-38.
BL Yachtclub & Apartments on facebook

An enormous water surface, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy; waves to ride and waves to jump over like dolphins; yachts and sail boats; falling asleep on a towel in the buzz of the water and the bathers.

3. Balaton is the ideal for both backpackers and bon vivants

Guruljon az Élet

8230 Balatonfüred-Csopak határa, 71-es út mentén (Kerekedi utca 1.)
Guruljon az Élet on facebook

Balaton is alive and evolving: quality restaurants and accommodations are opening one after the other, while campings undergo face-lifts, and soon enough even the corner stores will have their own logo.

4. Many Hungarians experienced that ever-elusive feeling of freedom for the very first time at Lake Balaton

Photo: Krisztina Bordács - We Love Balaton

Balatonföldvár Eastern Public Beach

8623 Balatonföldvár, Somogyi Béla utca
Balatonföldvár Eastern Public Beach on facebook

It is a first that is good to look back on and relive. Summers that seemed to last forever, school camps, parties, sunsets, splashing around, kisses on the beach, all framed in ice cream.

5. Time seems to stand still at Lake Balaton,

Photo: We Love Balaton

giving you a trip down memory lane. This is how Socialist hotels, worn-out benches, rickety tables at the lángos buffet and sticky PVC train seats give Hungarians a swell, nostalgic feeling even if we know that it's high time we moved on.

6. There is a bike ring around the lake,

Photo: We Love Balaton

and you don't need Lance Armstrongs' meds to complete the whole tour. Ad hoc encounters with cyclist-targeted buffets, refreshing  spritzers and leafy beaches are guaranteed.

7. Balaton wine region consists of 6 sub-regions

Photo: We Love Balaton

Istvándy Winery

8283 Káptalantóti, Hegymőg dűlő
Istvándy Winery on facebook

which could only mean quality wine, wine tours and gorgeous vineyards. Visitors can choose from an ever-growing number of wine cellars, wine tasting terraces, and tapas plate variations of home-made ham and cheese. Soon enough, one will be able to visit several vineyards in one evening without even making appointments.

8. Beach gastronomy undoubtedly has its charms:

Photo: We Love Balaton

and no summer can pass without a square meal at a beach buffet with cheese and sour cream lángos, kürtőskalács (see: chimney cake), or hamburger with csalamádé (mixed pickles). Fitness lovers should prepare themselves for a serious dose of temptation.

9. The rise of the farmers and farmers' markets

Photo: Ákos Stiller

Liliomkert Market

8283 Káptalantóti, Liliomkert
Liliomkert Market on facebook

did not bring only mysterious dandelion syrups, marvellous cheese creations and exciting flavours, but perfect meeting points for the locals and people from around the country to gather. Those, who have been to the farmers' market in Tihany, or visited Káptalantóti's Liliomkert on a Sunday, will know what we are talking about.

10. Balaton is a real survivor

Photo: Krisztina Bordács - We Love Balaton

Better or worse, flood or drought, politician or politician, old school or new school, yachts or dinghies, popular or not, Lake Balaton maintains its serenity and invites you to (re)discover its wonders.

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